Cool Dog and the Hex Eye Woman

One day Cool Dog was walking down the road, going nowhere in particular, when he saw a woman sat by the roadside, with her hair all down round her face crying. Now you know old Cool Dog, or you should by now anyway. Stone cold killer in a fight, but you set a woman to crying at him and he just folds up like paper. Naturally he sits down beside her, and asks her what’s wrong. She spins him some yarn about how her fella done her wrong, and it gets Cool Dog so mad that he jumps up, and runs off down the road.

She’s still sitting there about an hour later, when Cool Dog comes back, all proud of himself, and throws her man’s head down at her feet. Naturally, she was a bit less thrilled by this than what Cool Dog had supposed. So she stands up, and throws her hair back, and that’s when old Cool Dog realises he might have made a bit of an error in judgement. Turns out that little lady had herself the Hex Eye.

Now, if Cool Dog had been aware of that little detail, he’d have realised that if she wanted her fella dead, he’d have been dead, and no messing about. But as it happened, she hadn’t wanted him dead at all, no matter what wrong he’d done her, and she was a tad upset at Cool Dog taking matters into his own hands like that. So she turns the old Hex Eye on him, and Cool Dog, he can feel himself starting to stiffen up. He never was one to hit a lady, but he knew it was her or him, so he swings his sword round, and her head winds up lying on the road next to the man who done her wrong.

Old Cool Dog, he heaves himself a sigh of relief, and goes to go on about his business of doing nothing in particular, when he realises he’s stuck. Turns out she got a bit more of the Hex on him than is healthy, and his legs had gone and got themselves all turned to stone, or as good as. No matter how he wrenched, they weren’t going nowhere.

And I reckon old Cool Dog’d be there still, if his pal Lug Nut hadn’t wandered past. But that’s another story entirely.

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