Nostalgic whimsy

Hi! First update on this blog in ages (since most of my writing goes elsewhere these days), but I decided this was a good place to mirror something I contributed to nearly 20 years ago back when the Internet was a much simpler place. The Beath of Flams FAQ was mostly the work of Fritz Fraundorf, who used to write for the Gaming Intelligence Agency back in the day. It was a website mostly devoted to console RPGs, and Beath of Flams is a loving sideswipe at the conventions of that genre back in the SNES and Playstation era. I read it, liked it and sent him some bits that he was good enough to put in it – one of the first times anyone actually published anything I wrote, actually. I hope you enjoy a glimpse back into a simpler and sometimes sillier time, even if I doubt many people will get quite all the references these days. At least we can all still laugh at the “get a life” joke.

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