Monthly Archives: April 2013

Today’s Scribbling: HMS Wasp And The Cursing Stones Of Tory Island Redux

Looking at the stats for this site, I noticed that one of the most popular pages (still not hugely popular, of course) was HMS Wasp And The Cursing Stones Of Tory Island, largely due to the occasional link from someone talking about bullauns on a forum. This led me to re-read the page, and wince. So I’ve fixed up the more egregious crimes against writing, replaced some watermarked images with public domain and creative commons ones, and added some new images to break it up a bit more. Hopefully now random visitors will enjoy it more.

Today’s Scribbling: Novel Mind Map

Having decided that the last five chapters need to be scrapped (bits can be pulled out and re-used, but overall a wash), and inspired by reading Rewire Your Wetware, I decide to draw a Mind Map of the concepts and events I need to get into the ending. I can recommend it for anyone going into the end of a novel, it’s a great way to make sure you don’t drop any threads. Lot of loose ends to tie up, but I think I can see my way out of the forest now.

Today’s Scribbling: Pitching on the Rubberbandits

Today I wrote a pitch to Overthinking It on an article about the Rubberbandits. I also wrote about half the article. If they don’t accept it, I will write the article anyway and stick it up here – same as I did with the last two articles I pitched them, and the one that I didn’t think was good enough to pitch. If they accept it, of course, it’ll go up on their site. Excelsior!