Monthly Archives: December 2013

Today’s Scribbling: Is This The End?

I did it. I fulfilled my New Year’s Resolution for 2013, and made 2013 The Year That I Wrote. 365 days, every day I wrote. And it was AWESOME! So no. This is not the end. This keeps going. I won’t be tweeting every blog entry, but I will be blogging daily. And I will be writing. Each and every day. Forever, if I can manage it. 2013 was the year that I wrote. 2014, now that’s going to be interesting.

Today’s Scribbling: Novel Writing

Crossing the narrative streams. Setting up the gang for the final big heist, I think. Now I just need to get the characters out of the mess they’re in, move them on to the stage, and then I get to be Clever. I do like trying to write Clever. I believe that the best heist stories are like whodunnits, now it’s time to put that to the test.

Today’s Scribbling: Novel Writing and Drunken Rambling

Hello scribbling. Earlier today, I did some novel writing – about a thousand words about people visiting a highway rest stop, because I am all about the action. Then I forgot to blog it. And now, despite it being very late and me being slightly drunk, I am blogging it. Because I am a week away from completing this insane resolution I came up with about a year ago, and I don’t want to fall at this last fence. This has been the best New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever made, and I’m planning to finish it off, and then keep going forever.