Monthly Archives: August 2013

Today’s Scribbling: Saint and Sinners

Today I did some field research into the Whisky War and the Poitin Republic, I discovered that my article on the Holy Grail of Ballybofey was, alas, fatally flawed, and I planned out the next two instalments of The Odd Side of Donegal. Which, as you can guess, are about a saint and some sinners. Also considering rewriting the main page of the section to include the old Donegal tourism slogan “It’s Different Up Here!” It sure is.

Today’s Scribbling: Ancient maps, weeping gods and Victorian archeology

Today I wrote about one of my favourite places. The story led me from ancient Alexandria, through the tale of an ancient god-king who did not take kindly to the murder of his son, and up to the somewhat slapdash but well-meant restoration efforts of the Victorians being undercut by the somewhat mean-spirited and penny-pinching restoration efforts of the moderns. Not bad for a day out.

Today’s Scribbling: Planning and Research

Today I did a bunch of research on possible articles for The Odd Side Of Donegal. I’ve planned out the next one, on The Stone In The Sunny Place (which, touch wood, will be up by Friday), and will probably follow it with articles on the Inishowen Whiskey Wars, the Holy Grail of Ballybofey, the Banshee of  the O’Neills, and the Saint Who Slew The Monsters. I’m sure I can find more to follow, but that should keep me occupied for a while!