Welcome to Daily Scribbling

Hello, and welcome to my website.

Here I used to chronicle my daily writings in my blog. I still host some of my various writings here, but most of the stuff I write now appears at Headstuff.org. I have a regular column there called Terrible People from History, so if you want some education and amusement check that out.

Major sections here include:

The Secret Life Of Irish Castles – Documenting the expansive history of Ireland’s more impressive structures.

The Odd Side Of Donegal – The stranger side of the north-west corner of Ireland, where I grew up.

Forgotten Empires – Some lesser-known, overlooked and occasionally totally unknown civilisations.

The Many Civil Wars Of England – Documenting struggles for the control of England since 1066.

A Brief Guide To Byzantium – The successor to the Roman Empire gets short shrift in Western European history, where we’re often told that Rome ended with the fall of the West. I try to redress the balance.

Outside of those, there’s the more general History, Fiction, and Miscellaneous sections.

If you’re wondering why this website is called “Daily Scribbling”, check out the About section.