Today’s Scribbling: Some Novel Surgery

Back to work today, which means back to workmanlike scribbling. Today was devoted to novel rewriting work – specifically amputating the first chapter entirely. I liked it, but not enough happened in it to justify it. In fact, I replaced most of it with a paragraph in Chapter 3, along with a bunch more rewrites on it (which means Chapter 3 is rewritten before Chapter 2, which seems odd). Anyway. Sorry for no new actual content, but that’s probably going to wind up being the case more often than not with this blog.Tomorrow – probably more novel work.

1 thought on “Today’s Scribbling: Some Novel Surgery

  1. shinyemptyhead Post author

    Ha, WordPress’s sidebar comment when I published this:

    “I try to leave out the parts that people skip.” Elmore Leonard

    I’m going to take that as an endorsement.


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