Monthly Archives: November 2013

Today’s Scribbling: Nanowrimo Progress 31,024/50,000

One and a half chapters today, one and a half chapters tomorrow. Leaves me with planning on the night of my class, which works out well. Still got ten chapters to go, and I’m honestly not sure where the story is going, really. Second act in a three-act story is always tricky, and this one seems to have gone into goose-chasing territory. Fun, though.

Today’s Scribbling: Nanowrimo Progress 26,766/50,000

Past the midway point – all downhill from here! Even better, my chapters had been running long enough that when a chapter naturally concluded 500 words early (it turns out one scene of arguing in a warehouse can only stretch to a 1000 words) I had enough slack to keep my average chapter length above the magic 1666. Enough chapters planned to handle tomorrow and Sunday, so I guess Monday may be a planning day.