Monthly Archives: October 2013

Today’s Scribbling: Ten Simple Pieces, Part Four – The Salesman

I’ll admit, this guy kind of got away from me.

I thought he was just a simple type – roguish, willing to turn a quick buck. A twinkle in his eye, and just what you need for a price you can afford. But that’s not him. That’s not him at all.

No, this is the Spirit of the Age. This is Everything Must Go, Nothing Can Be Left. If you’re willing to sell anything and everything, then what will you be left with? If there’s nothing of yourself that you want to keep, then is there anything of you at all?

Today’s Scribbling: Signed, sealed, delivered

The Novel has now been collated into a single manuscript, had proper chapter titles applied, been counted at 63,213 words and has been sent off to a publisher. So that’s nice. Not expecting to hear anything for at least two months, but it’s done. Finished.

…tomorrow I go back to working on the second novel then. When I try to figure out what type of person steals emotions for a living.

Today’s Scribbling: Novel. Is. DONE!

Just under four years since I first started work on this thing. Just under ten months since I decided to pick it up again and turn it into something I could be proud of. And now, it’s done. Tomorrow, I compile it into a manuscript and send it off to a publisher. Then I probably get it back and send it off to another publisher. And so on. (Unless it comes in under 60,000 words, anyway, in which case I get to try and figure out where I can expand it. I have a seam where I can add another chapter, so that could work.)

But that’s all tomorrow’s problem. For today, the novel is done. Just in time to start the next one…