Monthly Archives: July 2013

Today’s Scribbling – Prelude To Anarchy

Today I present Prelude To A Civil War – The Origins Of The Anarchy, part 2 of the English Civil War series, where we learn that it is one thing for a man to found a kingdom, but quite another for his descendants to pass it on. Brotherly rivalry sets the stage for a single shipwreck to drive the entire realm into eighteen years of war.

Today’s Scribbling: Planning the next project

After managing to get through the new 8 chapters of first draft novel madness, I reckon I need a break. So it’s back to trivialising history, this time English Civil Wars and Rebellions. Probably concentrate on the more obscure ones – first up will be the very first English civil war of the post-Hastings era, less than ten years after 1066. Don’t know how long it’ll take me to produce parts of this – depends on research, time and how easy it is to find illustrations. But it’ll be fun, I’m sure. Currently got at least ten possible entries planned out – maybe more!

Today’s Scribbling – Novel COMPLETING!

The first draft of my first novel is finished – again!
Yes, once again I have written the words “The End” at the bottom of a manuscript. I’m really glad I decided to junk and rewrite the last fifth, it’s by far a better book for it.
So all that’s left is two or three rounds of revision on those final chapters, and then get to planning out the next one!