Monthly Archives: May 2013

Today’s Scribbling: Forging Ahead With The New First Draft

So rather than get into the total recreation of a conclusion to the first novel, I decided to plunge ahead with the first draft of the cyberpsychic story. Still no idea where I am going with it, but got the second chapter plotted out and started, which is good. Trying a new thing – mindmap on a chapter by chapter basis, seems to work reasonably well for when the mind races ahead of the pen.

Yesterdays and Today’s Scribbling: Horses and Economics, part 2 and 3

Not going to make a habit of this, but yesterday’s post seems to have been et by my computer, so here we go. Yesterday was finishing the first draft of an OTI pitch reading far too much into a sweary song about horses and girls. Then they got back to me asking me to write a couple of thousand words about it and wing it over, so that was today. Still need to get pictures and give it one last read before I send it, though.

Today’s (and Yesterday’s) Scribbling: Redeye Nightmares

Scribbling yesterday and today consisted of around 3000 words scribbled during the redeye flight that ate my night. I think it’s the best stuff I’ve written in ages, but to be fair I have been awake for 23 hours or so. It’s about airports and voodoo, and will appear somewhere in some form at some point. Still not entirely sure if it’s a short story or the opening chapter of a novel.