Monthly Archives: January 2013

Today’s Scribbling: Novel Rewriting – giving my detective some motivation

One note I got back from a test reader on the novel, that made me think, was that they couldn’t understand why my amateur detective had decided to investigate this murder. Simple enough to explain (just make it clearer that he was good friends with the deceased), but easy to miss if you’ve got the characters in your head and it makes sense to you why they do things.

Today’s Scribbling: Novel Rewrites

Yeah, I’ve been trying to do original writing at the weekends, but it just wasn’t happening today so I just burned my way through a chapter’s worth of rewriting. Currently about a quarter of the way through by volume, but it’s the later stuff that need the most rewriting for plot. Also more fixing of garda and academic titles, naturally.

Today’s Scribbling: More novel rewrites/additional writing

Seriously, this chapter used to be 2000 words, and it is now over 3000 words and I am only just finishing the third section of it. Still, should get it kicked into touch tomorrow.
In unrelated news, I just started doing a class on the history of the Byzantine Empire. It is good! I plan to write an essay for it as scribbling at some point, and then rewrite the essay into an article for here.

Today’s Scribbling: Death of a Sheriff, Revised and Expanded

Today;s scribbling is some fairly extensive updates to my article about my great-uncle John Doherty, Death of a Sheriff – Murder and Conspiracy in the Old West. I’ve added some stories about his days as one of the most famous poker players in the West, and I’ve also added some more details on the gang that killed him (as well as a story about his involvement with the law before he became sheriff). So go read it, even if you’ve read it before – you might learn something.